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LKNOG 3 Workshops

LKNOG3 host following two workshop tracks.

Software Defined Networking & Resource Public Key Infrastructure

Detailed Agenda SDN , RPKI

Network Operations and Services

This workshop is designed for junior engineers and system staff at ISPs and large networks who are involved with system management, network monitoring, and management, incident response and security. This course is for those who need to manage Network operations and NOCs.


It is assumed that participants have a good understanding of networking fundamentals.

Participant are requested to bring a laptop (8GB+ RAM, 25GB free disk space) with VirtualBox or any other suitable hypervisor installed

Workshop Topics

  • Internet Operations overview (IP, Routing, DNS)
  • ssh, Firewall, iptables
  • Apache2
  • SNMP
  • DNS Security / DNSSEC
  • Syslog

Detailed Workshop Agenda

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